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#1 28-02-2014 09:06:24

Inscription : 23-02-2010
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CSGO update 28/02/14

Mise à jour CSGO déployée cette nuit par Valve.

3 nouvelles variables ont été créé, je vous conseille de les ajouter à votre fichier server.cfg :

host_name_store 1
host_info_show  2
host_players_show 2

Voici le changelog :


- Fixed the molotov not having the same collision bounds as the rest of the grenades.

- Fixed some grenades allowing visibility through them when they shouldn't and vice versa - this fixes bugs like seeing players through smoke volumes.

- Increased radarvispow from 0.2 to 0.4.

- Fixed icons on the radar not fading out properly when they should have.


- Fixed frequent connection errors when starting private casual matches with friends on a local server.

- With sv_grenade_trajectory on, the debug overlay boxes now reflect the size of the grenades bounds when they collide and bounce.

- Added an option to the options menu to use raw number keys or weapon binds for selecting players when spectating and voting for maps at round end (spec_usenumberkeys_nobinds, defaults to 1).


- GOTV watch requests for matches with significant number of twitch.tv spectators will always get directed to GOTV relays.

- Added convar host_name_store to indicate whether host name is revealed in queries and GOTV. Host name is always printed in status command output.

- Added convar host_info_show, operators can set it to the following values: 0 to block server info queries; 1 (default) to respond with all details excluding identities; 2 to respond with all available details.

- Added convar host_players_show, operators can set it to the following values: 0 to block server players queries; 1 (default) to respond only with max players and uptime; 2 to respond with all players details.

- Server operators can now list game rules cvars in gamerulescvars.txt file, those cvars when marked as FCVAR_NOTIFY will be included in A2S_RULES response packet to server management software and 3rd party clients. The total size of A2S_RULES response packet must be within approximately 1Kb (MTU). File gamerulescvars.txt.example is provided.

- When a server is running with the -nomaster parameter, it will not register on GMS and will not respond to direct queries.


- CS_Downtown: Fixed bug where players could spawn outside of map in Deathmatch

- DE_Favela: Fixed exploits where players could get out of map, various other polish

- DE_Inferno: Fixed exploit where players could see through roof near Bombsite A balcony

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